I’m an Editor at Large for Bright Wall/Dark Room, an independent film magazine, as well as a classical music columnist for WQXR. For a period of time, nonfiction internet writing was my bread and butter, and while I do less of it nowadays, I’m always interested in the world we live in and how to make it 100% about me. Additional clips available upon request.

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film writing

The Year Of The Death Wish (on Mission: Impossible – Fallout)
Bright Wall/Dark Room

What drew me in, what sold me, really, 100 percent, on Fallout occurs just moments later when Walker is half-unconscious on the bathroom floor, and Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise, a martyr, maybe, but we’ll get there), panting, looks up at the assassin who just clocked his associate. Hunt knows he has to get up. He knows he has to take this guy down. He knows he has to finish the fight. But before he does it, he sighs and rolls his eyes. And not a blink-and-you-miss-it eyeroll, the type you sneak by your extended family during a long holiday meal. I’m talking a full 360 degrees eyeroll, baby. Isn’t that just the way it is sometimes? Or even most of the time? To get back up, to fight through it all, isn’t it the most annoying fucking thing in the world?

“Your mission should you choose to accept it,” Walker sneers, throwing the conceit of the entire franchise back at Ethan. “Isn’t that the thing?” That is the thing. The impossible missions of the Mission Impossible franchise are entirely optional. At any given time, they—and Hunt, specifically, and his scrappy can-do attitude—can choose to not accept. And yet, with an eye roll, no less, he gets back up onto his feet and runs full-speed into the man who wants him dead.

Great Expectations (on A Room With A View)
Bright Wall/Dark Room

Cecil is a nightmare. He’s the worst possible amalgamation of what every person who describes themselves as a nerd on dating apps is like in real life: loud, boastful, pretentious, chaste, rude, and stuffy. He doesn’t like being outside. He hoards Lucy like a possession to be trotted out. He loves to read aloud from a book, the Victorian era version of making someone watch an eight-minute long video. He has never had fun and he’s not interested in the idea of it whatsoever. At one point, he mentions the concept of a joke, and I know he’s never even heard one before.Cecil is reality to a tee. Nothing you want but everything you deserve. I hate him. He’s my favorite character. In keeping with this month’s theme, it’s funny to think I thought A Room With a View would be a traditional period piece, when in actuality it’s a very dressed up jocks vs. nerds narrative. The more you know, etc.

Nighy Forever (on Bill Nighy)
Bright Wall/Dark Room

That’s the magic of Nighy. The timelessness. That you can pluck him out of our weird and occasionally awful real world and place him almost anywhere, and there’s an immediate comfort and ease to it. We have him now, but he could be anywhere. He could be sailing on the high seas or holed up in Cornwall or far into the future as a disembodied voice. We’re lucky, you know, to see him anywhere and everywhere, with his all-too familiar mannerisms.

FAQ About The Best Movie Of 2015 (on Magic Mike XXL)
Bright Wall/Dark Room

Is there a scene where the whole gang takes MDMA and Big Dick Richie dances in a convenience store to a Backstreet Boys song?
Hell yeah.

music writing

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